Together, we have accomplished much throughout our first term. But there is more work to do. Now is not the time to put what we have at risk. Now is the time for push ahead to brighter future. Let’s stay together, let’s see this through.

Together we have achieved much for Constituency 7. But there is still more work to do. I have a plan not just for the nation, but for us locally. It will deliver a stronger and safer future with more jobs, better homes and safer streets.

    1. Creating new jobs for #7 by:  

    • Revitalizing our village businesses such as our community shops, salons, ICT and mechanic shops.
    • Creating a business park with office shells and fighting for incentives for private persons who invest in businesses in rural communities.
    • Restructuring the parking lot at Bourryeau (next to Fraites Bakery) to become a marketplace and food court. This would see a farmers market on weekends, a food court to accommodate community food vendors, stalls for local crafts and allow for social events on the weekends.
    • Facilitating the development of agricultural projects in the constituency.
    • Developing local tourism with environmental, cultural, and farm tourism. Visits to farms will be structured around a tour offering insight into the cultivation, care, processing, and manufacturing of these commodities. We will also encourage tourism which explores our cultural and natural landscapes.

    2. Delivering more homes locally:  

    • Delivering the Downson Development with cottages and villas.
    • Building on our strong record on delivering homes by continuing the affordable housing programme, and housing developments for middle-income persons

    3. Delivering the important infrastructure our community needs with:  

    • The Ottleys Playfield development.
    • Connecting Black Rocks to Downson with a road or bridge.
    • Continuing our program of road construction. 

    4. Protecting our shoreline with beach reclamation at Tabernacle, Black Rocks and Mansion and further development at Mansion Bay.  

    5. Securing a stronger and safer future by strengthening our social and community development by:  

    • Creating a Senior Citizens Volunteer Program that recognises their experience and value to our community.
    • Re-energizing community through sports participation and local competitions.
    • Refurbishing old building and Government buildings to provide housing for homeless and at-risk youths.
    • Delivering Mother and Child Food Assistance (MCFA) that is applicable to pregnant mothers and those with young children (up to age four). 
    • Delivering workshops on parenting and childcare.

    6. Recognising the importance of our young people. I have a plan to create a Youth Engagement Programme to ensure participation in programs such as:  

    • Childcare services, after-school programs (including skill development, crafts, clubs, and groups), storytelling at primary schools, music classes, homework assistance, mentorship and community service.

    7. Deliver family play areas beginning with larger communities of the Constituency that include new benches, slides, swings, games and videogame arcades.  

    8. We are delivering a record amount of funding for our healthcare system, especially now in response to the coronavirus, there is still more to do locally, that’s why I want to:  

    • Complete the Tabernacle Health Centre
    • Expand Services available at Mary Charles Hospital to include support for NCDs such as diabetes.
    • Expand the number of lab tests which can be done at Mary Charles Hospital.


    • New homes distributed in Belle Vue, Tabernacle, Mansion, Phillips, Christ Church, Molineux, Lodge and Ottleys.

    • Hundreds of families are receiving $500 monthly stipend through the Poverty Alleviation Program.

    • Hundreds of families have received roofing assistance and housing repairs.

    • Supported farm businesses, creating more jobs and adding to our food security.

    • Sidewalks in all communities to ensure the safety of our children, elderly and those differently abled.

    • Provide services on regular basis to constituents and have been easily accessible, even as Prime Minister.

    • Hundreds of hot meals delivered to date.

    • Construction of the new Multi-purpose Community Centre.

    • Reclaiming land for residents of Ottleys and throughout the constituency at large.

    • Paved the road joining Lodge Village and Bourryeaux to facilitate better access across communities.

    • Major road construction projects ongoing including at Bourryeaux and Park View Molineux.

    • Construction of headquarters and campsite for Explorer groups in Phillips.

    • Supported new business developments in constituency by provision of land and concessions and general advice.

    • Re-development of Black Rocks as a major attraction for tourist and locals.

    • Construction of the brand-newTabernacle Health Centre.

    • Development of the Tabernacle Playing Fields which also has lights for night-time use.

    • Outfit laboratories at Estridge and Edgar T Morris Primary Schools.

    • Annual Help-a-Child Primary SchoolScholarship, which is celebrating 17years in 2020, and has helped more than 500 primary school students.

    • New water transmission lines to upgrade the ring main pipeline around the island, with additional connections being laid in Molineux & Belle Vue.

    • Construction of the brand new Mary CharlesHospital in Molineux with a 24-hour AmbulanceService dispatch point and a new dental clinic.

    • Refurbishment and naming of Mansion Pavilion asThe James (Heads) Harris-Matthew Pavilion.

    • New primary school at Mansion and LodgeProject.

    • Renovation of Primary schools at Tabernacle and Molinuex.

    • Construction of a newround-a-bout at Molinuex-Bourryeaux to facilitate better traffic flows.

    • Sponsored consistently the Inner City Basketball League.

    • Continued sponsorship of the much-celebrated and longest surviving annual Constituency #7 Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris Domino League for 23 successive years.

    • Continued sponsorship of the Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris Basketball League, which is celebrating its 15th year in 2018.